About us

Made as a virtue of necessity

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another

The startup

AssistApp is the answer to a genuine first-person need that the market has been unable to meet: it is a single platform for viewing, soliciting and selecting all professionals dedicated to household, family, and people, as well as the elderly and health care. Everything began with a fall and resultant injury. The complications put a strain on the autonomy and independence that we seek in life, but which weigh heavily when we are “forced” to stay at home: where can I find a nurse? Is there a quick drug delivery service? Who should I call to buy orthopedic shoes that will fit a bandaged foot?
AssistApp is the platform where single-parent families, couples with children, working couples, families with dependent elderly people, singles or people on their own can find professionals dedicated to all the services that make their everyday lives easier.
Our mission is to “give a hand” that simplifies your life, and assist to lighten and/or better manage the burden that weighs on your daily work or life.
AssistApp does not only rely on digital innovation, as a matter-of-fact, each activity is overseen by a dedicated operator who is in charge of locating and managing the required service. They will contact you to obtain feedback on the work performed by the selected professional.

Fatia, company founder

Our best attributes

  1. We facilitate the match between the demand and supply of services dedicated to home, people, family, health, and the elderly living in Rome

  2. We help users and professionals optimize their use of time

  3. We offer guarantees to professionals and users

  4. We select all professionals

  5. We create opportunities