Made as a virtue of necessity


The ability to understand and share the feelings of another

The startup

A year ago we launched AssistApp platform, designed to satisfy any of your requests for services and today we have moved further towards our mission: to be for you, AssistApp users and professionals, a “facilitator of life”. How? By listening to you and offering the “human face” that every client should have and, in addition to native Romans, by broadening the range of clients to the expats, who are numerous in the capital and have specific needs.

We felt the need to create a blog to share news on health, science, technology and the avant-garde that are not found in the Italian press to widen the horizon and see the trends that develop “outside” home. We have relied on an avatar, Sista, to meet our professionals and to offer Sista‚Äôs own point of view (which is at times challenging) on topics that can be food for thought. We have changed many things but one thing hasn’t changed: the service we want to offer you through our professionals and our full attention through our “human face” call center, a real person will talk to you! You are always our priority and we are at your service.

Our best attributes

  1. We facilitate the match between the demand and supply of services dedicated to home, people, family, health, and the elderly living in Rome

  2. We help users and professionals optimize their use of time

  3. We offer guarantees to professionals and users

  4. We select all professionals

  5. We create opportunities